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The Importance Of Photograph In General

We in general are quite obsessed in documenting ourselves in photographs, paintings and other forms of visual representation. It is like memorializing what we are even as we live or perhaps it is just and obsession with remembering things and moments you want to actually last forever. Perhaps that is the whole reason behind the continuous growth and enhancements on cameras and social media wherein we are allowed to actually do capturing indelible moments for families.

It sure is quite nice to look back on things which has happened from then and have a little reminder of them right in the future. I mean, things change every now and then and you could not do something about that, as much as you would want to hold onto situations and circumstance or even people that badly, there is no way for you to control such matters.

However, even with such beautiful etched memory drifting apart, having a piece of photograph would somehow allow you to be certain that things had once been lovely. It gives you sense of surety that those people in your memory have somehow been part of your lives even if they are gone or they have left and did not make it back.

It allows you to focus on the good things you shared with them instead of grieving for their absence. It works that way and maybe that is for the best. But not all looking back are painful nor emotionally destructive. There are moments when you look back and you feel at bliss and nostalgic because you actually have made a life worth living.

As you grow old and pictures are the only things you have left, you would see right there a detailed description about how you have spent your entire life. It would show how much friends you were able to make back on sixth grade and how much best friends you have met in high school that lasted until you turned college and even when you have your career figured out.

This is where you would normally remember how the first date you had with the love of your life went and the reminiscing would continue to how the friendship bloomed into love and tying of knots has followed shortly. Those moments are one of the purest things to ever happen in your life and printing them through photos holds more than just ink.

It holds love, laughter, fun and all the feeling you once had as the photo has been taken. It feels different to see your kids on such piece of paper and remember how it felt when you first held them, when you first send them to school and when you had seen them on stage as they achieved milestone.

You would fully remember how proud you have been and how proud you have always been of them. That sure is not sad nor regretful. It would make you feel somehow satisfied that even in a short period of time, you had been able to make the most of your years and you were able to be a good friend, spouse, parent and individual to the people around you.

This is the advantage of photograph which is beyond material collection. It fills you up on the inside and it either wells you up with ecstatic happiness or sadness. But on top of such emotion is the ability to feel something and I guess that is more than enough reason to hold onto moments printed out on paper in a form of meaningful photos.